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Stevens planned to quit over Hillary's security refusals when killed in Benghazi

Stevens told fiance he planned to quit over lax security before he died in terrorist attack as U.S. forces stood down

Gaps in Hillary's Schedule Raises Questions

Hillary has some questions to answer!

Don't buy the lie: Loretta Lynch is NOT handing over control of Hillary email probe

Loretta Lynch is NOT agreeing to whatever the FBI recommends, still holds power to overrule a Hillary indictment

This major liberal city is making it illegal to refuse to hire criminals

Not only can you be forced to cater a gay wedding, you now have to hire a serial killer to handle the knives.

Top Democrat calls out Obama for funding terrorism

Obama scheming to supply jet technology to Iran, arms to Syria

Liberals caught faking ANOTHER hate crime

The leading cause of hate crime reports is liberals hoping to get famous.

Yet another anti-gun liberal arrested for threating to assassinate lawmakers

If it weren't for anti-gun liberals there'd be no gun crime.

Obama gives Iran $1.7 BILLION in US taxpayer cash to target, kill US soldiers

Obama is funneling cash into Iran's army, despite intelligence reports showing Iran uses their cash to kill US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

One of bin Laden's most dangerous terrorists freed from Gitmo -- on Obama's orders

Al Rahabi is one of the single greatest threats to American national security -- and Obama set him free.

Elizabeth Warren will lose her mind when she sees this poll on Democrats and Redskins

Hail Victory: Even liberals are getting sick of political correctness.

Obamaphone fraud now a HALF-BILLION dollar vote buying scam

FCC official reveals how Obama turned a rural phone access program into a half-billion dollar inner city vote-buying scam

Home invader blasts his own pants after armed home owner blasts him

What armed citizen did to this criminal is less messy than what he did to his own pants

Brooklyn liberal tries to vandalize Confederate flags, forgets she's in South Carolina

Brookyn liberal arrested for crime spree after Confederate flag "triggered" her

Top Obama donor's pedophilia trial delayed after victim goes missing

State troopers have been unable to find the boy and his mother. Going into hiding for months on end, and avoiding authorities, would require a significant amount of cash.

Smug liberal site accidentally reveals anti-gun states have more mass shootings

Notoriously inaccurate liberal news site has gun data blow up in its face -- again!

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